Digital Artwork Services

Digital Printing

We produce high-quality digital artwork for digital printing.

The label and corrugated industries have already got plate-less printing for short run, and the technology is rapidly improving.
You may not already have the machines capable of printing direct to labels or corrugated substrates, but we are ready to produce the artwork for these machines when the time comes.
As a company specialising in artwork, we are perfectly positioned to supply artwork for digital printing.

Reprographic artwork for flexographic printing

We supply high-quality digital repro-ready artwork to printing plate manufacturers.
Producing digital designs from briefs for approval.

Your existing platemaker can supply all the information we need to start to work for you.
We already have many standard machine specifications.
We can build a specification sheet for each of your machines.

Reprographic artwork conversion

If you have a new ( or new to you ) machine on its way, you will want your files converted to suit that machine. We specialise in that very service and just completed updating and converting over 450 corrugated artworks from various machines to suit one new one. It is a service that your platemaker does not want to offer as it ties up its staff.

Branding – Corporate Image ( Logo Design )

If you need a new corporate image design or need a refresh on an existing one, Artwurcs know about design. Sometimes the updates need to be very gradual, to not stray too far from the original design, and sometimes the very opposite. You need a company that understands where your image will be used and the limitations of the design in print or online.

Social Media

For all your social media design needs we are here for you. From the initial design to help you construct your page or group so it looks correct, and guide you in the early stages.


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